Foreskin Restoration

How to Make a New foreskin with a simple exercise Achieve Any Man Can Learn and Use

natural penis enlargement exercisesBy 1970, 80% of American boys were circumcised. These days, this figure is lower, at 60%, but still pretty massive when in the international average, which is only 15% in comparison.

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are circumcised, and at least some interest or curiosity in the subject of foreskin restoration-that is always the skin around the head of the penis that you have not or never really had.

You’d probably how many circumcised men are surprised to be interested in the subject, too. Years ago, you would never hear about it, because circumcision was much more widely accepted as the norm and as an obvious opportunity to take by many parents. Today, however, with the discussion of sex and sex-related subject matter considered much less of a taboo, people to think outside the box a little more. For example, it is now in all medical and most social circles agree that is uncut, or uncircumcised is not at all unhygienic or wrong. In addition, fewer people are about uncut when in public locker rooms or when messing around with an embarrassed girl for the first time.

Thus leads us to an interesting series of questions. First, it is possible to have your foreskin (without surgery!) And secondly, what benefits would restore restoring your foreskin offer?

Using simple exercises (below), it is quite possible a new “hood” of skin that create some or all of your glans covered for the first time. And although you can never really get away again, what if you had made ​​young, you enjoy the following benefits when you “restored” your foreskin have:

As the head of the penis is now covered by skin, it will not rub against the fabric of your underwear. This means the maximum amount of your penis sensitivity is maintained and that your penis is not too dry, as it would be if exposed to the air all the time like a circumcised penis.

Sex and masturbation can become more enjoyable, thanks to the increased “slack” skin that covers your penis. This skin-your new foreskin-allows your penis slide in and out much more freely and pleasurably during intercourse.

Natural penis enlargement exercises are much easier to do because, as mentioned, the slide your new ability, the skin of the penis up and down. Because of the increased ease with which you can perform wet and especially dry jelqs, the amount of new size that you can add to your penis using natural penis enlargement exercises is often increased up to 70%.

Here is how the first foreskin restoration exercise is performed:

Obtain a full erection by gently massaging your penis.

Now do 30-50 PC contractions and fill your penis with blood-you need your penis as upright as possible.

Grip your skin firmly at the base with an “OK” grip and slide your hand the shaft by hand to keep contact with the same area of ​​skin. (Do not move your hand over the skin). At the moment you can feel the skin really start stretching, hold that position for a count of 10 seconds or until your erection starts to subside, whichever comes first.

Now repeat steps 1 to 3 and this exercise for 5 – 10 minutes per day. In the last 5 lines of the day, you increase the stretch slightly each time so by the last stretch, you are there to feel the skin toward your head as hard as you can without pain.

Get into the habit of performing this exercise every day and within just a few weeks you should already begin to see develop your new foreskin.

Roger is a “personal trainer” in Penis Advantage – a website with a guide that details exactly how any guy his penis using natural exercises and techniques, as well as to improve their sexual performance, restore their foreskin or correct a curve in can increase their erect penis.


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