3 Easy Ways to Get a Bigger Penis – Penis Enlargement Exercises

The two main penis enlargement exercises that you can focus on include stretching and bending. Stretching Stretching mainly comprises the shaft of your manhood to let more blood flow into the tissues and promote cell proliferation. This is what make your penis thicker and longer in the long run. A basic stretch technique that you can contact is the jelq. As simple as it is, but it is known that a very effective exercise that can really get the job done in every respect.

To the jelq you simply massage your penis until you get a semi-erection. It is important not to get a full erection, because here a full erection is usually hard thing to work with the muscles so hard. A semi assembly, on the other hand make your penis easier to bend.

Once you have a semi erection, put some lube in your hands and penis. It does not really matter what kind of lube you as long as you do not use soap to use. Then, firmly hold the base of the penis with your forefinger and thumb. You should at all at this point no pain remember.

Then run your finger along your penis shaft to the tip, while you make sure that you are pushing blood into the tip by doing so. To know if you do this right, you pay attention to the tip of the penis. If it swells, then you are on the right track. Then do exactly the same with the other hand and do to this to complete the 30 repetitions of the sentence. After about a week, please feel free to do more jelqs.

When it comes to penis enlargement exercises, bends in principle to strengthen the PC muscles in order to get a bigger erection and improved control over ejaculation at the same time. A basic Flex technologies, you can contact the cone.

To the cone Simply tense PC muscles are the muscles between the anus and scrotum. Only they tense for about one second and release. Have made around 30 reps before resting.

What is great about the cone is that it is one of the easiest exercises you could do penis enlargement. In fact, once you master it, it will not feel like work all. Plus, you can do this exercise anytime that you want, whether you are in the bathroom or in bed getting ready to go to sleep.

While all of the above penis enlargement exercises may seem simple, they are truly some of the most powerful ways to increase the length and girth of your manhood. How long will it take before you see positive results, though, is influenced by various factors such as diet and how much rest your penis is from after each exercise.

In some cases, it may take weeks or even months before positive results start to show in a significant way. But at the end of the day, all the profits that you will be following these exercises from time received and will stay with you for life. Therefore, they are definitely worth your time and effor, if you dream of getting a bigger penis for a while have now.

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